Made Kids x Monopoly Collection

Made Kids Monopoly Pack And 2015 Collection

I caught up with Andrew Guzman of Made Kids at The recent Agenda Show NYC. He gave me a quick peek at the some of the new 2015 collection. The brand has grown a lot since our last interview. One of the highlights is the dope collaboration Made Kids did with Hasbro’s classic Monopoly game called the “Made x Monopoly Collection”. Andrew took the the games lead character Mr. MONOPOLY aka Rich Uncle Pennybags and put his face on their shirts. The end result is pretty dope!
Made Kids x Monopoly Collection
About Made Kids:

MADE Kids is highly regarded for being the first street-inspired line designed exclusively for kids. Striking artwork, meaningful verbiage, and supreme comfort is what makes our line the premiere option when it comes to shopping for the youth. We are proud to be 100% MADE in America and pleased to offer our collection to stores and boutiques around the world. We’re about consistently introducing new elements of style to the children’s market. By catering to demographics that stay up-to-date with current trends, we intend on continuously being an all-encompassing source of fashion for sharp parents set on dressing their kids with an edge. We believe that a MADE Kids item should be easily recognized for the distinguished look and high-quality texture of which it’s comprised.

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