Rapper Big Pooh, augmentation

Rapper Big Pooh – Augmentation – @rapperbigpooh (Explicit)

New HipHop treats by Rapper Big Pooh with his new video/single called “Augmentation! I’m loving that neck cracking, boom bap beat crafted by Apollo Brown, nothing better than a tight beat with a dope vocal sample in it. In this joint Big Pooh reminds us what real HipHop is and raps about the current state of emceeing and how a lot young rappers approach to the art is so far from what real emceeing is about.
Rapper Big Pooh, augmentation

Beat box, this is back to the block/ Before every rapper sold rocks/ Before everybody needed rocks in their watch/ Just watch, now it’s all about board rooms and stocks/ Words paint pictures, I’m an artist non-stop/ Raw beats, raps, this is called hip-hop…

“Sometimes you have to destroy and rebuild in order to augment an idea. Augmentation is me destroying the idea that a lot of young cats have about a career in Hip Hop/Rap. We are trained to look at the exceptions and accept them as the standard. I just wanted to share some real game with up and comers, spectators, and those looking to make their mark.” – Rapper Big Pooh

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