sketone Sketchup

Anticipation Sketchup, Custom Dunny (@sketone)

sketone Sketchup
This new custom Dunny by California based toy designer/illustrator/painter/writer SketOne is one of the coolest Dunny’s I’ve seen in a while! It’s called “Anticipation Sketchup” and it’s a perfect mash-up of a Dunny and a Heinz Ketchup bottle. The figure features an all vinyl body with each one having a different splattered ketchup effect on the resin head. They all come signed along with 8.25″x5.5″ Metal condiment holder, a 2.25oz Mini bottle of ketchup, a 4”x4” Custom display card….petty cool!! But if you wanna get your hands on one of these figures you’ll only have 24hours on March 6th between 12am and 11:59pm to get em, after that no more orders will be taken again….That’s about as limited edition as you can get. Make sure you visit Sketone March 6th to make your order!

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