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Crazy Al Cayne Gets Sponsored By Team Corrosive

Al cayne, team corrosive
PRESS RELEASE: New Long Island BMX racing team, Team Corrosive have been on a mission already this season by compiling a great team of riders and making their presence know at the races. To help to spread the word about the team, we’re excited to announce that Team Corrosive enlisted BMX-HipHop-Indie Comic Book promoter Crazy Al Cayne to be a part of the team in a “Strategic Sponsorship”.

Crazy Al Cayne will be hitting up the tracks sporting a Team Corrosive Jersey and taking photos and videos of the team in action. In addition Crazy Al will be spreading the word about the team via his popular website and his other social media sites through out the season.

This year you’ll be seeing Al riding a few different bikes for some of his original video content and photos. You’ll still see him on his Skyway T/A……..

Skyway T/A, Crazy Al Cayne, highbridgebut you’ll also see him aboard the official bike of Team Corrosive, the 2015 SE Bikes PK Ripper Elite XXL

SE Bikes PK Ripper Elite XXL

With Al’s success in helping to promote brands like Skyway and Hyper, it will be exciting to see what he does to bring awareness to Team Corrosive!

About Team Corrosive:
Team Corrosive Race Team launched in 2015, but our BMX roots go back to the late 1980s. We started as a group of guys who rode flatland and street all across Long Island, NY. Many of the current riders go back to the Mid 80’s when they raced for the most amazing place ever – BMX Country.
Our team of 21 riders consists of boys & girls, novice to expert aged 5 to 50+. With this range we cover the entire track. Our home track is Shoreham BMX but we love to travel. You can find us at the NY State races, Gold Cup Series races, Nationals, Sugar Cayne Bike Fest or at the trails.
Our goals are simple: to help promote the sport of BMX and have fun while doing it.
Main Sponsors
RFA – RFA has a huge interest in racing, mostly sailboats but it’s first across any finish line they crave. They support Team Corrosive financially, allowing us to build up a great foundation this year. RFA and also carried over the Team Corrosive name to their sailing team.
On the business side they offer a full range of technology solutions with global data center operations, RFA serves the IT needs of businesses including hedge funds, Private equity funds, fund of funds, private wealth management and alternative asset management firms.
SE Bikes – Todd Lyons was a big help with us getting this team off the ground. His support means the world to us and SE products are the best out there. A majority of the team rides the PK Ripper.
Alcayne_TC_03Co Sponsors: DreamMaker Studio, Forestry Inc, and Michael Wikan Photography

Support: Fly Racing, Profile, Rennen, Potter Plates, TNT Components, Selden Bikes & BoardsCo

2015 Team Corrosive Team:
Steve Boyle
Lucas Bragg
Jason Casano
Pete Casano
Al Cayne
Chris Celli
Bob Hardenfelder
Greg Hardenfelder
Kyleigh Hardenfelder
Evan Hardenfelder
Craig Kellerman
Julian Mccarthy
Sean McCarthy
Tiffany Molesi
Anthony Trabona
Joe Trabona
Kenny Vatalaro
Nick Vatalaro
Rich Vatalaro
Michael Wikan
Ed Wormold

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