oddisee, counterclockwise

Oddisee – CounterClockwise – @MelloMusicGroup #HipHop

Mello Music Group emcee/producer Oddisee drops some visuals for his single “Counterclockwise” which is featured on his upcoming album “The Good Fight”. I’m loving beat and Oddisee always delivers HipHop dopness!

CounterClockwise is about being there for people & them working against you as a result. Becoming the bearer of their problems because they know you can handle it ~Oddisee.

oddisee, counterclockwise

This is the second song from the Brooklyn by-way-of Prince George’s County musicians upcoming solo album “The Good Fight.” The song explores the counterproductive nature of some relationships that end up draining those involved. Disorienting and complex layers of backsliding record slips, driving drums, and haunting vocalizations push the song forward while Oddisee’s crisp and calm vocals tell the story of people moving in different directions. And while anger may be somes primary drive, and fire may be their weapon, Oddisee reminds us that water is their easy match.~Mello Music Group

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