nimrod shabazz

Comic Book Character: Nimrod Shabazz (@mr_picture_this)

nimrod shabazz
I just saw this dope illustration/description of comic book character named Nimrod Shabazz drawn by Nommo. The character was created by Jahni Kwatrae. Peep the description of the character below:

Nimrod Shabazz…a musical magician. Nimrod has the talent to produce, write, and sing beautiful music. With this talent he has the ability to hypnotize, skilled with evocation and conjuring, a well known voodoo shaman and practitioner of hoodoo. He can cast spells through a song, being
Magically adept and having a vast amount Arcane knowledge gives Nimrod a great advantage on many other characters. Now although he can play many instruments his favorite instrument/weapon is his guitar ‘Shontae’ which is indestructible and he wields it like a striking weapon. He’s also shown advanced skills in Akkido, and Hokkaido and is very skilled with wielding his guitar with a customize fight style. Art by Nommo and Words by Jahni Kwatrae.

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