Versa Hoop, toy fair

Versa Hoop, Play Basketball Anywhere (@versahoop)

Al from Fun Sports Brands had a cool product called the Versa Hoop on display at Toy Fair NY. The Versa Hoop is “the most versatile mini basketball hoop ever” because it can clamp onto pretty much any curved pole that is 1.00″, 1.25″ and 1.50″ in diameter. They’re an especially fun addition for trampolines and great for attaching to boat, RV or any pole you can think of. Check out the video below for more details on this cool product.

Big shout out to Fabio Del Rio from CSE Games for being Al’s hype man during the interview lol!

versa hoop
Versa Hoop (1)

Versa Hoop (2)

Versa Hoop (3)

Versa Hoop (4)

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