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HeadRush Apparel Collection, (@headrushbrand)

Crazy Al Cayne was diggin the apparel on display at the Headrush Apparel booth at The Agenda Show NYC. He did a quick interview with Headrush rep Teddy about the brand plus he took a look at some of the new wear they have coming in the near future.

About Headrush Brand:

Headrush brand was born in 2008 on Native American grounds, following generations of hard workingmen who’ve accomplished great things. These men worked in construction, the military and politics; playing a role in major developments and working on steel bridges in New York.

The brothers, having come from a blue-collar background, were able to closely identify with the “everyday-guy”. They wanted to create clothing that exuded a man’s pride, while highlighting his athleticism. Through the bloodline, there has been nothing but dedication and passion, which only translates to the product we put out.

Our line is a lifestyle brand for men and women, fuelled by confidence, attitude and strength. Headrush’s aggressive style has been well embraced over the years by many; anyone from the average Joe, to the worlds of entertainment, fitness and fashion.

Headrush is expanding into new markets and continues to serve as the common, suburban and completely unique product, for individuals with grit. When designing for the manly-man, we aim to accentuate strength, promote brotherhood and reward determination. For our ladies collection, it is to empower women through mind, body and spirit.

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