Mark Forti, Mind Sword, toy fair

Mind Sword, Illusion Toy Demo

William Mark Corporation, know for their popular “Air Swimmers” remote control toys came to Toy Fair NY with really cool new toy called the Mind Sword. It’s an illusion trick toy that makes it look like your moving the sword with your mind. WMC founder and president Mark Forti gave us a demo of this cool toy in full cosplay mode. Check out the video!

The Mind Sword – Mystify your friends with this amazing illusion! Mystify your friends with the amazing illusion of the Mind Sword! Move objects with your mind! Make the glowing sword fly into your hand! Levitate the Mind Sword out of a glass! Learn many tricks quickly by watching the instructional video (secret access code inside this package)!

About William Mark Corporation:

The William Mark Corporation (WMC) was founded in 1991 when Mark Forti invented its first flying toy: the X-zylo flying gyroscope. A junior at Baylor University, Mark should have been doing his marketing homework, but instead he was playing around with different flying wings and other airfoils when he stumbled on a cylindrical wing that flew unusually well when spun.

Mark took the wing to his physics professor, who was greatly impressed by its unusual flight and could offer no explanation as to how it flew. Mark decided to use the concept for his marketing project—and got an A+! Mark then took an X-zylo prototype to his father, Bill Forti, then an executive at General Dynamics. Bill couldn’t explain how the X-zylo flew, and none of his aerodynamicist colleagues could figure it out either. Even the engineers at NASA’s research center in Langley, Virginia, were stumped.
History: Mark Forti and his dad building the very first x-zylos in garage
Mark filed a patent, formed a company with his father, and turned the X-zylo into a product. WMC introduced the X-zylo to the toy and hobby markets in 1992. The product was an immediate worldwide success and a media sensation, featured on Regis and Kathie Lee, David Letterman, The New York Times, Success Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times, among others. X-zylo became a best-seller on the QVC shopping network. It also became a fad in Japan when professional baseball pitcher Dice-K Matsuzaka developed a secret pitch called the “gyroball” by practicing throwing the X-zylo.

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