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The Wheel Mill Bike Park, Walkthrough (@Thewheelmill)

When Crazy Al Cayne heard that new features were added to The Wheel Mill Bike Park after his trip there in 2014, he had to come back to check it out and shoot a new video. This time around Crazy Al does a walk through of some of the original sections and the new sections of the massive 80,00 Square Foot park. Check out the video.

About The Wheel Mill:

Opened in Spring of 2013, The Wheel Mill set out to create an all encompassing bike park in the city of Pittsburgh. We have made a commitment to sustainable design since driving the first nail. Nearly 75% of the park features are assembled from reclaimed lumber and materials. Massive tree slabs can be seen in abundance around The Wheel Mill, these beautiful pieces are a generous donation from Pittsburgh’s Urban Tree. Urban Tree specializes in removing downed trees in urban areas around the Greater Pittsburgh area and repurposing them into works of art, furniture and bike trails inside the park. We build with locally source high grade reclaimed wood and building materials when at all possible; keeping our carbon foot print small and environmental impact large.

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