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Stabb Gunner Character – MUTE – (@stabbfisticuffs)

Courtland L. Ellis creator of the comic Stabb Gunner recently posted a image of one of the characters from the comic named “MUTE”. We liked the look of this character so much we had to share it with ya’ll. The awesome work that Joseph Krzemienski (Writer and colorist) and Courtland Ellis (Penciler and inker) put in to the characters and look of this comic is top notch and we’re definitely interested in check out the finished product! The creators of Stabb Gunner call it a “classic Arcade Beat’em Up Meets Graphic Novel Action with a little RPG sprinkled on top”….Nuff said!!!
Make sure you check out their Crowdfunding page and show some support so they can get this project done for the masses to check out!!


Stabb Gunner is a revenge story that follows two wayward killers, Ex Assassin Stabb Fisticuffs and and current assassin Gunner, as they return to they’re home town Scene City for a final showdown with mayor and crime-lord Well Dressed Man, but before they can get to him they’ll have fight through the gang riddled streets while dodging Well Dressed Man’s themed Ninja hit squads. Including punk ninjas, rave ninjas and regular ninjas.
This is our take on the familiar story tropes of classic arcade beat-em-ups. Evil dudes, murdered girlfriends and ultimately revenge-fueled showdowns.

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