Zwift Indoor Social Cycling App (@gozwift)

Crazy Al Cayne came across this really cool booth for a company called Zwift! Zwift is an awesome indoor cycling training app that that combines video game, social media and virtual reality into one awesome experience. What’s really cool about it is the terrain and locations in the game are actually real places.

About Zwift:

Here at Zwift we believe that the best parts about cycling
are the places you go and the people you go there with.

Outdoor cycling is great. But weather, traffic, time
constraints and distance from other cyclists can take
the fun out of it.

That’s why we’ve created a new destination that
places you and your bike into immersive, detailed, 3D
landscapes with other cyclists from around the world.

Now you can ride with anyone at anytime.

Packed with real-time stats, stunning lifelike graphics,
and the latest in massive multiplayer online gaming, Zwift
has kicked up the indoor cycling experience.

We think it’s the greatest innovation in cycling since
the bicycle.

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