Sugar Cayne Bike Fest, CNYBMX (49)

2015 Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Jumping Highlights

With only two Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Events left for the season, we decided to make a lil compilation video of all the jumping competitions from our previous 7 events this year. We have clips from the Fat Bike, BMX, and Mountain Bike High Jump, Bunny Hop, Long Jump and Bunny Hop Long Jump competitions.

You also get a glimpse of our host tracks where we had the events at; EHT BMX in N.J., Tri-City BMX in N.Y., Billerica BMX in Massachusetts, Shoreham BMX in N.Y., Hampton BMX in Virgina, CNY BMX in New York and Hagerstown BMX in Maryland.

See you at the next events October 10th at Trumbull BMX and October 18th at New Paltz BMX
Sugar Cayne Bike Fest, CNYBMX (208)

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SUPRA, Belmont High Kicks

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