blackjack, Alex Simmons

Illustration: Blackjack, There Came A Dark Hunter

Super talented writer/comic book creator Alex Simmons posted a sick image of his comic book character Blackjack jumping a motorcycle no handed with a revolver guns in both hands! You know since we love all things two wheels and rad, this illustration instantly caught our attention.

The illustration was nicely done by Matty’s Rocket creator and creator of Afrofuturefest Tim Fielder

There wasn’t any more info about this image, it’s just a teaser…..well it worked! We wanna see more 4sho!!

Below is a little background on Blackjack:
The comic Blackjack(Arron Day) was first released in 1996 under DAP (Dark Angel Publishing) Comics.

The first three-issue mini-series was called “Second Bite of the Cobra” and introduced Arron to the world. In this story line we meet Arron as an adult in New York City, while events a world away in Egypt cause him to return to the region where he is reunited with Silas Lincoln, a white man from Arkansas and his deceased father’s best friend. Together with the beautiful and exotic Maryam and a group of mercenaries, they must defeat a Bedouin warlord threatening peace in the region.

This series was met with critical and commercial success. It was followed by the second Blackjack mini-series “Blood & Honor” which revealed further details regarding the character’s origin and this time transported Arron to Japan and China. His mission was to protect a controversial Japanese dignitary haunted by a terrible secret and marked for death. This led to gun battles, brawls, and sword fights (including a memorable one atop a moving train), along with a crisis for Tim Cheng, Arron’s manservant, who is returning to his native China for the first time in years.

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