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Be A Part Of History At DJ-CON, November 19th, Harlem NYC

H2C2 is looking for DJ’s!! If you would like to make history come to 125th street next to Apollo Marquee on Nov.19th and get ya DJ on!!! The day is coming up soon so make sure you hit the event organizers up at They need 125 DJ’s to Light Up 125th Street for the annual lighting ceremony on the world famous block in Harlem! The showtime is from 2:30pm-8:30pm, don’t miss it!

About DJ-CON:
The purpose of the DJ-CON is to show unity and fellowship through the wheels
of steel. We hope to create a yearly tradition of the DJ-CON as an event that
people look forward to. We do intend to set a Guinness World Record. In order to
make DJ-Con work we are asking for DJ’s to come prepared to do a 3-5 minute set.
If bringing Vinyl only bring enough for your set. If your going the Serato route
please be sure to have your computer loaded with the latest Serato Dj software
and drivers. DJ’s must bring their own headphones. Needles will be provided and
we ask that you do NOT remove the cartridges to put on your own .

Mike Doelo’s Down with us, Priest Forever’s Down with us, GrandMaster Caz is down with us, DJ HEN YC is Down with us, Scissor hands is Down with us, Grand Wizzard Theodore is down with us, DJ Strike is down with us, M-Tri is Down with us, DJ Leecy T is Down with us, DJ Stormin Norman Down with us, Jazzy G is Down with us, Ralph McDanials Down with us, Eric J is Down with us, DJ MellStarr is Down with us, DJ Rockin Rob is Down with us, DJ Dynamite is down with us, JazzeMotto’s Down with us, Rae Pheonix is Down with us, Hip Hop Hall of Fame is Down with us, ZULU NATION’S Down with us, DJ Mad Scientist is Down with us, D.J. Toney – Tone is Down with us, D.J. Break-Out’s Down with us, D.J. Ralph Spencer’s Down with us, The Legendary Chris Washington’s Down with us, DJ Dreamer Down with, DJ RON-G! is Down with us, DJ Smitty-Rock is Down with us, DJ Vega Benetton’s Down with us, DJ Diamond-The Artist’s Down with us, DJ Mellow Beat is down with us, Disco G is Down with us, DJ Willy-Will is Down with us, Mexi-Ray is Down with us, Manny Faces Down with us….ROCKING OUT THE DJ-CON IS A MUST, WERE #1

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