Kush Empire

Secrets Of The Kush Empire: Matunaaga

We came across this awesome illustration/promo for a character named Matunaaga! He will be making his debut in the next issue of the graphic novel “Secrets Of The Kush Empire“.

“Secrets Of The Kush Empire” creator Alex Griffin posted a quick description of the character.
About Matunaaga:
“The Kush Empire is said to have the ability to manipulate the DNA in ways we can’t even dream to understand. To them the human Genome is like an open source code to be used to achieve a purpose and max out the abilities of the person. Check out this guy, His name is Matunaaga he is a Kushian ground commander. He stands around 7’6 and weighs in at a massive 450lb without armor. His body is designed for war. He has the ability to heal fast, enhanced sight and endurance with quick reflexes. His armor is made up of a material unknown on earth. it can with stand most projectiles and his suit once dons his helmet can maintain life-support even in the harshness of space. His armor also enhances his already super human abilities. His rifle (which truly is a BFG) is an energy weapon that uses Neutrinos that can be found anywhere in the universe and are harmless, But once harnessed his weapon can charge these particles to release a devastating blast that can vaporize a tank if put on the highest setting. This guy will be awakened in the next volume. What you guys think?”

Kush Empire

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