USA BMX grands Side Hack

USA BMX Brings Back SideHack Racing At The Grands

With the rise of BMX sidehack bikes via their availability through Walmart and Toys R Us (Not available anymore), tracks across the states have been having some special side hack races and they’ve been a hit. This classic type of BMX racing has become so popular that the USA BMX will be doing a special sidehack race during this years Grand Nationals!! That’s awesome!!

“Sidehack Racing is set to return to The Grands in 2015! Due to spectator requests, we will hold a special invite-only Sidehack class to compete during the Pro Championship Finals on Saturday Night. Only eight hack teams will be invited (with 2 backup entries, in case of a no-show).
USA BMX is not only looking for the fastest sidehack on the planet – but also the most entertaining. The Sidehack Side-Show has the potential to upstage the entire night with classic no-holds-barred sidehack racing as well as coming up with a spectacular “theme” hack or gimmick. To apply for a slot in the gate – go to:

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