BMX Bike + Surf Board = Bike Surfing, Yes This Just happend

Now here’s a water sport that’s right up our alley…BIKE SURFING!!! Yes, Australian based, wheels, water and lifestyle clothing brand LKI just released their new Bike-surfing concept today and we’re loving it. They literally attached a 20in” BMX bike (without the wheels of course) to a surfboard and BOOM!!! A new action sport is created!!!

Will we be seeing a new X-Games event get added to the line up?? Will there be a crazy Red Bull Bike Surfing signature series event coming in the near future? Only time will tell. 😉

Looking at the video, you can see there’s a lot of potential for this crazy contraption….hey, we’re excited!

Freestyle trials rider and Flair Action sports owner, Jack Field and LKI director/founder, Jason Daniel came up with the idea of bike surfing. Once the BMX bike is mounted to a surfboard a rider cane carve the surf wake of the LKI / Tige boat without the need of a tow-rope… pretty cool!

Will we see, DJ, Cruiser, Stiders and fat Bikes on future builds….huuummmm we’ll see.
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