Dynasty Style Plays The HipHop Trivia Battle (@dynastystyle)

The Dynasty Style crew had a booth setup at the 3rd Annual Urban Action Showcase & Expo at the AMC Theater. Crazy Al Cayne was so impressed by their booth and how the brand mixes HipHop, art and Martial Arts among other things that he did a quick interview with them. And for the first time in a few year Crazy Al Cayne decided to make them play his HipHop Trivia Battle!!
You gotta see this!

About Dynasty Style:
DynastyStyle is a movement to promote individual creativity through our design, music, and film. Everyone and everything has a style with the capacity to inspire others. Our style is an extension of your journey.​​

The brain child of Arthur Evo and Izzy Man, turned into reality in Flushing, NY in 2010. Just two friends looking to design some shirts that people would love, while representing their Asian American heritage. The company became DynastyStyle, named while watching a pivotal scene of Bruce Lee challenging the audience with the words, “Don’t waste yourself.”

DynastyStyle brings influence from movies, art, pop culture, and the eclectic mix found in Queens, Chinatown, Brooklyn, Upstate NY, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, and everywhere in between. The two focused their energy on creativity splashed on t-shirt canvases.

What started off as a t-shirt company quickly started to evolve into something much much more. With the addition of Norman Lam, the trio saw a lack of representation of their peers in the creative world. While the West Coast is on the rise with numerous amounts of musicians, artists, film makers, etc. the East seem to be void of that. And that is where the focused changed.

Fueled by their individual passions for all types of art (music, martial arts, painting, and dance to name a few) they aim to promote creativity and passion to their community and peers. It has now become a movement to cultivate, promote, and inspire people to chase their dreams and passions.

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