Chromed-Carbon Sarto Lampo Looks Sick

You know we love awesome looking bicycles of all types and this new Carbon, Sarto Lampo is FIRE!!! The bike is made by Sarto Antonio Bicycles and it a aero bike Sarto Lampo in a new custom colour scheme, “Chrome Carbon”…whoa!! And according to the company this is really a chromed-carbon frame.

The brand used a new and unique painting technique which we think came out really good! Unfortunately they didn’t put the type of technique they used, I’m sure a few carbon bicycle owners would like to know 😉 We would love to see this awesome bike in person!

About Sarto Antonio Bicycles:
“Superior Italian craftsmanship: this is the defining element of the company founded by Antonio and his son Enrico, who are proud to represent, both at home and abroad, the pride and tenacity of a nation so rich in creativity and enthusiasm.

The 100% Handmade in Italy trademark is the strength they both believe in and the means that has allowed them to establish their name and gain market share over the years.
More than 2500 frames are produced each year thanks to a team of specialists, starting with the design of the frame, to the cutting and laminating of the tubes up to the painting and testing.

Personalization is our strength, which allows us to satisfy the customer’s every need: the choice of materials, the shape of the tubes, made-to-measure geometries, graphics and reinforcements in Kevlar or titanium/carbon. Every feature of a Sarto frame can be changed and selected by the customer.
Each year we design and create new models, which are presented at the most important trade fair before making their way around the world.”

Spotted on Pedal Consumption

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