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2016 Bombtrack -Dash – A FGFS With BMX Roots

It’s been a while since we posted an article about Fixed Gear Freestyle Bikes (FGFS) so we went on a search today to find some fresh new stuff. We came across the website of one of the legendary brands in the FGFS game, Bombtrack and checked out the 2016 “Dash” which by the way looks awesome!! Now more than ever before does their flagship bike look like an oversized BMX Bike. And That’s a good thing because the bike is gonna handle more like a BMX bike and that’s gonna open up a whole new world of trick opportunities for Fixed Ger Freestyle Riders.

We would love to ride this wip but first we would have to put a freewheel on that badboy before we got busy 😉

About the Bombtrack Dash:
The Dash is where it all began for Bombtrack, with the original bike being released back in 2011. The core of fixed gear freestyle riders are continuing to push the limits and reset the idea of what is possible on a fixed gear bike. With heavy influences from Skate and BMX, riders like Elliott Milner and Matt Reyes continue to astonish with each new edit they release.

What made the Dash the ‘go to’ bike for fgfs was its credibility brought about through the BMX heritage in the bloodlines. For 2016 the Dash frame has had the stand over height reduced to give a bit more clearance over the top tube. The frame dropouts have been shortened so that they don’t catch during grinds, and up front the forks have been updated for extra hub guard clearance. The new Vex compound Saltplus grips use a classic lamella pattern in a slightly slimmer diameter for more ‘feel’ and the Stealth nylon/fiberglass pedals provide improved grip and a solid base for pedal grinds.

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