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BMX Freestyle Moving Closer To Becoming An Olympic Sport

WE came across some interesting news, The Association of National Olympic Federations is doing new multi sport event called The World Beach Games. The World Beach Games is like the Olympics of Beach oriented sports. The event will also feature beach lifestyle sports which will include BMX Freestyle! That’s huge!!

“The ANOC selected San Diego as host of the 2017 edition, and I am delighted that our youngest cycling discipline, BMX Freestyle, is on the list of sports for this event

With four disciplines on the Olympic programme, cycling can be proud that it is also capable of integrating a new and modern sporting concept such as the World Beach Games. This is a demonstration of our sport’s diversity and wide-ranging appeal.” ~Brian Cookson(UCI President)
world beach games 2017
The description of BMX Freestyle isn’t specified on the the World Beach Game Site yet so we’re wondering which aspect of BMX freestyle will they’ll be doing? Street, vert, flat, park? They should definitely fit in flatland, if flat ever gets its day in the lime light that would be so awesome. IT would also be cool to see a pump track competition go down, something like the crankworx events. Whatever they decide to do will be awesome!

Not only is the UCI added BMX freestyle to the World Beach Games….They’re also adding BMX freestyle to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires!

So with all this BMX Freestyle/UCI activity going on….Is the Olympic Games next for BMX Freestyle? Is having BMX Freestyle at the World Beach games and Youth Olympic Game a test/trial run to see if it can fit in the Olympic Games? Only time will tell but we’re excited!!! This is awesome news!

And just so you know, UCI President Brian Cookson use to compete in road racing, track, cyclo-cross and MTB so he knows what’s up!!

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