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Leader x Vans 2016 SSNight Collection (@leaderbikes)

The creative minds at Leader Bikes and Vans have just embarked on their 2nd collaboration with their new SSNight Collection!
They are Offering three shoe models with integrated reflective materials based on the “Night Ride Out” collection.
This collaboration also includes t-shirts, caps, and daily back pack for practical and stylish street riding.
The collection will become available on May 13th 2016 in all Brotures shops, Vans shops, and ABC Marts in Japan and Korea. For USA purchasing the collection will only be offered at Brotures Bike Shop in San Diego with limited quantities.

Based on the “Night Ride Out” concept this 2nd collaboration will be featured in all black.
This collection will be water resistant using Ventile canvas for riding in all weather conditions, and reflective material for night riding.

The t-shirts and backpack will also have reflective material for high visibility. The cap will be mesh materials for comfort of riding day or night.

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