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The Jazz Jousters – Endurance – Dope HipHop Intrumentals (@millenniumjazz)

Dope HipHop production collective The Jazz Jousters just dropped some dope new instrumentals for your ears with “Endurance”. This 10 track project has some nice jazzy treats to vibe out to. HipHop/Jazz is always a welcome change of pace from the the now normal techno/pop music now being labeled “HipHop”. Now pres play and vibe out!!

About Endurance:
After four years of hard work from putting out free downloadable tribute albums every two weeks in season one, to continuing with monthly tributes and building the collective in season two and three, to completing the 10 part Locations cassette tape series, as well as releasing anniversary albums, LP specials, CD’s and a ‘best of’ double 12″. The Jazz Jousters have now managed to come up with the first official vinyl album.

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