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G-Force, Complete Vinyl Figure Set

Way back in the day’s one of our all time favorite cartoons to watch was Battle Of The Planets – G-Force (SCIENCE NINJA TEAM GATCHAMAN). At the time the animation, art and concept of the show was next level. Well fast forward 40 something years later and the folks from Unbox Industries taps into our inner kid and brings the Classic G-Force crew to life as vinyl figures!! We know these are gonna go like hot cakes!!

About The G-Force, Complete Vinyl Figure Set:
Unbox are hugely honored to offer one of our most recent projects for PLAYTOY HK…GATCHAMAN!

Produced in 1972 as Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman and best known in the English-speaking world as Battle of the Planets, the teenage team known as G-FORCE blew the minds of kids all over the world.

Manufactured in soft vinyl and overseen by Tatsunoko productions, each figure includes a removable helmets and individual weapons.

Ken: 11 INCHES
Joe: 11 INCHES
Jun: 10.5 INCHES
Jinpei: 9 INCHES
Ryu: 10.75 INCHES

How dope is that!!! You can pre order the whole set from the Unboxindustries webiste

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