ICE BMX Racing Bike Prototype

We saw this photo of a BMX racing bike by French MTB and BMX parts company ICE! We checked out ICE’s official website and couldn’t find the frame or build anywhere so we’re gonna assume this is a prototype. The frame looks pretty sick with what looks to be some serious hydro-forming. Most of the parts on this bike are made by ICE. the cranks are ICE Dragster’s, The rims are ICE’s super strong and stiff Carbon’s and the hubs are ICE too. We couldn’t make out what the stem was but we’re gonna assume it and the forks are made by ICE.

But the real highlight of this bike are the rear dropouts! The design on the dropouts are sick and we love how they put the branding on the inside of it. And the drive side is just a work of art, with the disk brake and details dropouts this bike is definitely a head turner. With all this awesome tech put into this bike we’re curious how it performs. I guess we’ll soon see because we hear this bike will be going into production…WHOA!!

Big shout out to Paul Herisset‎ on FB for post the image below. That’s how we found out about this sick bike! Once we get more info we’ll be posting it 4sho but for now check out to find out more about the brand. Oh and BTW “ICE” stands for “In Case OF Emergency” 🙂
ice element bmx racing bike
About ICE:
Created in 2009 in the south of France,
ICE’s mission is to develop and design quality products in both Mountainbike and BMX fields.

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