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Classic TNT Super Fong Returns In 2017

As we were browsing through our Facebook feed we came across this awesome news:

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!!! – Can’t hold this picture and post back any longer. Independence Day weekend felt like the right time to share. 100% MADE IN USA 2017 – SF20 & SF24 frames are going to paint next week. Limited quantity being made in this first batch. Available in 20″ PRO, PRO-XL, PRO-XXL & 24″ PRO, & PRO-XL. (picture was taken just before final welding phase)”

WHOA!!! TNT is not playing around. They’re bringing back their classic Super Fong (Super Fong Daddy) frame after 20 years!! The frame looks to be getting all the modern day upgrades and it will be coming in a 20″ & and 24″ models. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

What we know so far:
-The 24″ Pro size models will come 21.25 and 21.75 TT
-The frames are made with 6000 series Aluminum. The exact 6000 alum wasn’t specified

Make sure you follow TNT Bicycles Facebook Page for all the latest updates!

Check out a few shots of the classic Super Fong and fong daddy from the 90’s below:

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