amanda carr Team 🇹🇭 Thailand bmx

Amanda Carr, Team Thailand Custom BMX Frame

Amanda Carr will be representing Thailand on this sweet custom Speedco Velox Carbon in Brazil next week!

The frame is done in a carbon and yellow colorway with the center part of the front triangle done with the colorway of Thailand’s flag (red, white and blue). Thailand’s flag from the top down starts with red and white horizontal stripe that match in size then there’s a bigger blue horizontal stripe in the middle. Then another red and white horizontal stripe on the bottom. If you look closely at the the center triangle on Amanda’s frame you’ll see that pattern represented on there….pretty cool!

And just like a few of the other bikes we’ve seen for the upcoming games the top side of the top tube on Amanda’s frame has Thailand printed in big bold letters for almost the whole length of it.
We can’t wait to see this bike all built up!
Be sure to watch the BMX competitions at the games August 17th-19th on NBC

amanda carr olympic bike
It’s all about the details. Nice build!

amanda carr olympic bmx bike
WE recently spotted Amanda’s bike all built up.

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