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Kinderfeets 26inch Wooden Balance Bike

It’s always a good time when we catch up with our friends from Kinderfeets at Toy Fair NY. New for this year they’re making their award winning wooden balance bikes and trikes in bamboo! But what really caught our attention was the 26inch wooden balance bike they had. The made the bike to give adult and idea of how it feels to ride a balance bike. It was also cool for adults who didn’t know how to ride a chance to have some fun on a bike.

This bike was only a one off display model and at the time this video was taped back in February is not be available. It would definitely be cool if it was.

You know Crazy Al Cayne had to do a Gutlever on the bike and he did. Check out the end of the video!

About Kinder Feets:
“Derived from the Dutch for “children” and “bicycle,” a Kinderfeets is a wooden push bike designed to ease the transition to pedal-powered bicycle at a toddler’s comfort level.

More than a toy, Kinderfeets is a father’s gift to his son. Disappointed with the push bikes available, Dutch designer Oscar Mulder decided to create his own balance bike for his son, Sebastiaan.

Oscar wanted Sebastiaan to be able to cruise once he became confident enough, so he broke the push bike mold and added footpegs. Knowing kids love to get dirty, he added a removable seat cover that can go in the wash with the rest of the laundry. Other push bikes have inflatable tires that go flat, interrupting the fun. But Kinderfeets’ tires don’t require air. Plus, Kinderfeets’ colorful chalkboard finish provides a reusable canvas for children to exercise their creativity. Older now, Sebastiaan rides a regular bike with ease and confidence – all thanks to the push bike his father designed with him in mind.”

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