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Video: Jet Line With Crazy Al Cayne, Chris And Manny

Crazy Al Cayne recently rode to Cunningham Park mountain bike trails to check out the jump and pump track sections. Crazy Al met Chris and Manny, two cool riders who were checking out the pumptrack section. The pump track section was pretty lame so they rode over to the Jet Line which was running nice so Crazy Al took out the GoPro and filmed a quick edit.

Check it out below!

The Jet Line at Cunningham is one of the best jump lines in the 5boros of NYC. It features a fun drop in/stepdown which leads to a step up/hip to the left. Right after that an easy set of doubles that lead into a tight berm. Coming right out of the berm there’s a set of doubles followed by two more doubles in that straight. The back side of the last double drops you right into a super sharp and tall berm which leads to two more doubles. The third set of doubles in that line has a bigger gap and after that an even bigger set of doubles finishes off the run.

CLICK HERE to view the trail map at Cunningham. The section called “Ringer” is where the Jet Line is. The black diamond line by section “4” is where the pumptrack is and there area also dirt jumps located between section 5 & 6, around where the Green line and blue line meet.

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