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GT Bikes Liam PHILLIPS Custom Olympic BMX Wip (@liamPHILLIPS65)

More photos are surfacing of the Olympic BMX competitors custom builds! Great Britan’s Liam Phillips posted photos of his GT Bikes “So British” Speed Series custom bike for us to all drool over.

The frame is inspired by the British country flag colorway of red, white and blue. The British flag is nicely placed on the rear drop out section and we love how the bars, frame and forks all go together color wise. It would be great to see more production models done up with matching parts, that would be awesome! Another detail on the bike is the inner part of the rear drop outs and inner fork have a cool print of the many GT brand Logos placed on them…..Nice touch!

The bike also feature a sick set of custom DXR cranks with a carbon colorway…. or…. are they actually carbon DXR’s? The custom bike is also sporting DXR pedals, “Custom LP65” Renthal handlebars, Tioga PowerBand tires, DXR brake lever, Crupi stem and more.

And just in case Liam runs into issues with his bike, he’s bringing a back up bike built up exactly the same way!! Now that’s BMX baller status right there ya’ll!!

Be sure to watch the BMX competitions August 17-19 on NBC, it’s gonna be crazy!!

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