Mullaly Bike Park Action

VIDEO: Mullaly Bike Park Walkthrough, Bronx NYC

Crazy Al Cayne is back at it with another walkthrough video! This time he takes a tour of Mullaly Bike Park in the Bronx. There’s been a lot of cool new ramps and features add to the spot and you definitely need to check it out! Some of the riders featured in the video ar UND Rob, Marv Henry, Haiston, Tah Boogie(BMX Kings), Max, Rambo, Branden Vail and more. Check out the clip!

About Mullaly Bike park:

Mullaly is NYC’s Longest Running Ramp Park. It has been home to wheels of all varieties for three decades. In 2012 the rider of the park organized to help bring the park back to i’s former glory and help to create a positive place for the youth to be outside, active, and creative.

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