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Nic Long Speaks On The Olympics

Team USA Men’s BMX Athlete Nic Long took to Instagram to talk to his fans, friends and followers about his results at the Rio Olympics.

He was stoked about his performance at the games coming in 4th place and happy about his preparedness for the event. He mentioned how he drifted in the turn and hit his pedal.. “Nothing you can do about it” he said.

Exactly! Whats done is done and there’s nothing you can do about it. BMX is a very unpredictable sport especially at the level they were racing at the Olympics. Anything can happen…. and everything DID happen at this Olympics lol! Even as a spectator it was more intense to watch than a regular national or the grands. We were at the edge of our seats the whole time watching it all unfold.

Nic finishes off his video by saying “So lets have a good time, We got another 4 years I’m gonna be 30 in Tokyo, cheers!!”

We have to salute Nic for his awesome sportsmanship and positive attitude during and after the race. That’s how you handle a defeat, there’s nothing for Nic to be ashamed about he made the mains at the Olympics!!! Not only did he make the mains he got the holeshot and lead the pack till the 3rd straight with super fast Connor Fields, Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean in his rear view, that’s an accomplishment in itself! Just getting selected for the Olympic team is a a huge accomplishment. On top of that Nic managed to avoid all the carnage that happened in the qualifying heats as well as winning one of his qualifying rounds. Dude had a awesome performance! We’re super proud of him!

Play the video below

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