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Redline x Chrome Convert BMX Flight Pants Into A Backpack

With BMX getting major coverage leading up to this year’s Olympics, some big names in Cycling as starting to show love to the discipline. Chrome Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of durable gear for urban living has teamed up with Redline, for a custom version of their Barrage Cargo Backpack. Not only is this a dope collaboration, the bag its self is made from deconstructed Redline BMX Flight Pants as well as Chrome’s industry leading bomb proof materials.

The final result of the bag is amazing and the first two bags will be seen on the backs of Redline’s BMX Elite Team riders Alise Post and Sam Willoughby, who are on their way to the Rio Olympic games this month.

We’re big fans of Chrome so we’re really excited to see this BMX collaboration. Will there be a new line of BMX inspired Chrome gear in the future? We hope so!

Chrome’s Stephen Willis:

Chrome has had a salvage custom option with our bags that originally started as a way to honor service personnel by turning their old uniforms into messenger bags and backpacks. While I’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of unique materials to construct bags, BMX race pants are by far one of the most fun I’ve done to date. Consulting with Evan we wanted the bags to be slightly different from each other. I started with deconstructing the pants and figuring out which pieces I wanted to feature to create unique pattern pieces. The more pieces I cut the more excited I got to see the project starting to form.

~Stephen Willis/Chrome Industries

Check out the video below to see the new Redline/Chrome bags plus get a look at Sam and Alise’s custom Olympic Bikes

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