barney x

Toys: Barney X, A Flintstones Revolutionary By Frank Kozik (@frankkozik)

barney x
Designer toy maker Frank Kozik posted a sneak peek of his new Barney X toy which stands at appox 15inches. Barney X features a parodied version of Barney from the The Flintstones cartoon looking like he’s down with the prehistoric Black Panthers. He’s rocking a big Fro with a hair pick in it and he’s also holding his “Black Power” fist up on one hand and a rifle on the other hand, pretty dope! Now that I think of it, I don’t remember any black characters on the Flintstones, maybe Frank Kozik is subliminally pointing that out in this piece. Maybe because when the Flintsones originally aired it was during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement as well as during the emergence of the Black Power Movement. It would be interesting to find out what Frank’s his inspiration for the piece is. Either way it’s  cool figure, I can’t wait to see what the final piece will look like.

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