Crazy Al Cayne, April Walker

April Walker, Walker Wear (@WalkerWearStore)

One of the great Urban Fashion pioneers April Walker of the legendary Walker Wear brand is back in full effect. I ran into April at the recent Agenda Show NYC and got her to talk briefly about her brand’s relaunch .

Crazy Al Cayne, April Walker

About Walker Wear:

Walker Wear originated out of Brooklyn in 1990, and started selling exclusive styles online in 2012. The company has a reputation for capturing trends and taking them mainstream.
Walker Wear focuses on creating classics and offering exclusive limited edition styles. The founder of the brand, April Walker has been called “a visionary” among other accolades and numerous publications such as the New York Times, Newsweek, Sportswear International, Cosmopolitan, Global Grind and Vibe, have written about Walker’s stylish designs.

Walker Wear Bridge

walker wear hat

Walker Wear Starter Sweater

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