Rio Olympic BMX Track

Rio Olympic BMX Track Green Asphalt Effect

Dirt jump/trial/track builder Alex Fowler of Elite Trax and Action Sports Construction shared this photo of the Rio Olympic BMX Track today and we’re loving it! What’s special about this track is they painted all the asphalt sections on the track green. This is the first time we’ve seen a BMX track built with all the asphalt on the track painted green. We wonder how it’s gonna affect the riders.

Before this, the only thing green on a BMX supercross track was grass and riders knew they had to jump over it if they wanted to keep their speed. Now they have to jump into the green is certain parts. We doubt the competitors will mistake the grassy section on the second straight with green paint lol 😉

There’s also the grip factor on the turns, will the paint make the turns less grippy? If it rains it sure will make it more slippery, maybe they’re using a special kind of paint?

All in all the track looks amazing and the green paint on the Asphalt makes it look even better. It also looks like they used artificial turf to cover all infield sections and sides of the jumps, really well done in our opinion.

We found some more photos of the track online via

What do you think about the track? Leave your comments below!

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