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Olympic BMX Team Gets Love On ESPN

USA BMX recently posted this cool and funny segment from ESPN Sport Center which features host Neil Everett interviewing the USA Olympic BMX Team members(Nic Long, Corben Sharrah, Alise Post, Connor Fields and Brooke Crain). Neil rode what looked like Nic Long’s Olympic bike down the hallway of ESPN wearing the team’s jersey, shorts, flip flops and a helmet for the intro. He then rode around the hallway interviewing each of the team members about the Olympics. We like when Connor Fields started elbow checking Neil when Neil asked him about the rules of BMX racing.

We saw how Neil was riding on Alise Post Olympic bike when he interviewed Nic Long, confirming he was riding Nic’s bike at the beginning of the segment after all…….so much for continuity ESPN LOL!! 😉 . What was really cool was Neil also talked briefly about all the BMX tracks in the US, nice plug for the local scene 🙂

We’re loving all the exposure BMX Racing is getting and it’s segments like these that we need more of to bring awareness to the sport. Great job!!

On a side note we were kind of bummed out not to see Jeff Upshaw in the segment. Jeff is also on the team as an Alternate rider for the BMX men.

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