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The Difference Machine – It’s Alive (feat. Paten Locke) #FIRE

We’re diggin this new joint by HipHop collective The Difference Machine called “It’s Alive”. The song is featured on their 2nd full length album “4th Side of the Eternal Triangle”. The visuals are directed by Tim Reis.

The video starts off with Dr. Conspiracy kicking it with Dead End HipHop about the members of the group and their sound then they premire the “its Alive” video.

About The Difference Machine:
“Nuclear mystical trash alchemy and creative mastermind wizardry by Dr. Conspiracy. Day tripping darkness translations, dimensional truths, and drum trafficking double entendres by Dustin Teague. Scorpion protection and universal oneness conduit, third eye speculation
translations, space and time shifting by Brannon Boyle. Psychouudenvuodentina by Cyrus Shahmir. Drumz of def by Radley Fricker. Cuts by Obeah.”

The album is FIRE!! Check it out below. FYI it’s the uncut version, yes there are curses

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