Nic Long Olympic Front Flip

Video: Nic Long Front Flips During Olympic Practice

Team USA Olympic BMX member Nic Long looked like he was getting ready for the XGames during today’s practice session at the RIO Games. Nic game out the gate and by the looks of it he had his feet in the wrong position before he hit the first jump but it was too late to adjust. As soon as he launched off the jump he went into a big dead sailor which lead his front tire to tap the tip of the triple sending him into a full front flip. Nic landed right on his lower back and slid a little. We were all nervous for him but it’s all good, he let everybody know he was ok through FB and IG.

It was actually good that his front tire hit and made him flip the way it did, if he would’ve landed OTB he could’ve caught his collar bone. We’re so glad he’s ok and hey… at least he got that out the way and can focus on chasing that gold!

What’s also crazy is Nic could’ve actually pulled the front flip off if he would’ve tucked a little more, that would’ve been insane lol!! We’re curious to see how his carbon Haro Citizen frame held up to that hit though.

Shout out to Jeff Upshaw who’s seen in the video all the way on the left of the screen coming out of gate 7.
Check the crazy crash below and make sure you follow Nic’s Instagram page for the latest!

Like I said… A perfectly executed mistake. Will perfect the dismount during tomorrow's session.

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Make sure you tune in to the Olympics starting this Wednesday for all the BMX action!

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