2016-sscxwc-pdx flyer

2016 SSCXWC, Best Cyclocross Flyer Ever!

We spotted this crazy flyer for the 2016 Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships and had to share this one with ya’ll!! The flyer is an obvious spoof of the classic movie “BMX Bandits” and it’s all done up in that 80’s movie poster style. The main girl in the flyer is suppose to be Nicole Kidman’s character from the the classic film and she looks to actually be on some type of 20′ BMX bike lol! Her two partners look like they’re riding some hybrid bikes and what’s up with the military helicopters in the background lol. Another funny part on the flyer is the sponsor shout; Beer, Weed, Bikes, Whiskey, Coffee, Food……..that’s all the sponsors you need for a fun event like this!

It’s pretty cool that the cross guys gave a nod to their BMX brethren for their promo.
If your in Portland Oregon this December you should check it out, 4sho!!

About the SSCXWC:
“The recurring nightmare know as single speed cyclocross world championships is coming home to Portland, OR, Northern America to atone for its sins. December 3rd and 4th are the dates of the reckoning. Expect dry course conditions, temps in the mid 80’s, and bring plenty of sunblock.

Saturday December 3, 2016
Revelry, Qualifying Events: Feats of Strength, Wit, and Cunning, Jollification, Chris King Party, Revelment, Kenton Club Gaiety

Sunday December 4, 2016
Carousal, Women’s Championship Event, Saturnalia, Men’s Championship Event, Jollity”
bmx_bandits poster

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