Adidas Originals x Y-3 ‘Super Zip’ Sneakers!

the creative folks at Adidas and Y-3 released a new take of the classic adidas Originals Superstar kicks. It’s called The Super Zip and it features a tongue that is removable via zippered leather cladding!

The kicks keep the original style and swag of the Superstar with the addition of the Y-3 logo dotted suede heel The kicks also feature a white toe cap, white rubber outsole and all-black neoprene but Dayum!!…. Why they have to cost $340 buck??! Well if you got money to burn you can cop the “Super Zip’s” at Packer Shoes and the Y-3 official website.

Hopefully they come out with a more affordable “Not So Super Zips” some time soon 😉

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