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Cru Jones Custom Funko Pop Figure (@Funkoboss)

Now how rad is this! 😉 There’s a guy out there named Funkoboss who makes these really awesome custom figures using the popular Funko Pop toys. We spotted this one of Cru Jones but didn’t realize is was a custom so we searched all over the web looking for it. There was no sin of it on the Funko Pop website and then we looked at the packaging again and saw Funkoboss and did a Google search and BAM…..we found out what the deal was.

You know w love this figure, it’s a mash up of two element of SugarCayne BMX and Designer toys!! I would be so awesome if there was actually a production run of these. We would most definitely get one. We might have to holla at the Funkoboss and get one made 4sho!!


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