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Urban Shogun Comic Exclusive Onyxcon Illustration

We came across this dope illustration on the Urban Shogun Comics Facebook Fan Page and had to share it, this joint is FIRE!! Urban Shogun publisher/artist James Mason made a special, exclusive illustration of one of comics main characters in a cool action pose.

Pencils by: Dexter Soy (dexnefar007.blogspot.com)
Colors by: Mase

About Urban Shogun
“Urban Shogun: The Evolution of Combat
Follow the exciting adventures of students of an inner-city martial arts school and their Kung Fu Style wars on the streets of Atlanta. Specializing in updated forms of Five Animal Kung Fu, Tiger, Crane, Phoenix, Mantis and Cheetah protect the streets from criminals and their dangerous martial arts rivals – the Venom Clan!”

So if your in Atlanta August 19-20th make sure you go to Onyxcon and grab yourself of copy of this amazing poster!

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