Wordsworth & JSOUL – Satallite – From Blame It On The Music

New music video by supa emcee Wordworth! The song is called “Satallite” and it was directed by CHARLIE LUKES & VICTOR SIMONELLI FOR THE VIBE RECORDING STUDIO AND WORDSWORTH FOR WORDSWORTH PRODUCTIONS! Satallite is featured on Wordsworth album “Blame It On The Music”
Salute to HiPNOTT Records for continuing to put out HipHop Dopeness!!

About “Blame It On The Music”
“NYC freestyle stalwart and eMC rhymesayer Wordsworth connects with Baltimore producer JSOUL on the latest HiPNOTT Records release, Blame It On The Music.

When asked about the project, Wordsworth said, “Once I heard JSOUL’s beats, the diversity caught my attention. Immediately my mind start racing with ideas and we started vibing to make something solid. We decided on the title ‘Blame It On The Music’ because it seems like the music is another excuse for society. Instead of a healthy dialogue just blame the culture of the youth.” Wordsworth continued by mentioning, “HiPNOTT Records represents quality and integrity of music. It’s a home for artists and producers creativity but a movement of motivation.”

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