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2016 Rapacon Mt.Vernon Was A Hit! (600+ Photos)

The amazing HipHop culture event RAPACON returned to New York this past weekend but this time it went down in Mount Vernon! The special “popup experience” was put together to celebrate Mount Vernon’s impact on HipHop. There were a lot of great things that happened throughout the day like the massive DJ and live performance setup outside fort the Mount Vernon 4 Square Peace Project Block Party Jam and The epic and popular DJ-Con featuring over 50 Dj’s going back to back doing what they do! DJ Jazzy Joyce, DJ Jazzy G, Dj D-Ill, Dj Mike Doelo, Dj Spinbad and many more blessed the 1 and 2’s with sick blends, cuts, scratches, transformations and all that it was off the chain!

There was also “The Impact Of Mount Vernon” panel featuring HipHop legends DJ GrandMixer DXT, DJ Eric J, Brother Arthur, DJ Mark & Jay Collins, DJ Booda Khan, DJ City Boy, DJ Sammy D and singer Jeff Redd. And what’s a Rapacon event without a Rapathon, only this time instead of a 24hour non stop emceeing event they shorten it to an hour and it was off the chain!! Rapathon vets D-Nasty, Frsh Aire, Sean Conn, Charles Hamilton and a host of other emcee’s tore it down!

Another great moment at the event was the award Ceremony honoring some of Mount Vernon’s finest. The custom awards were designed multi talented Emcee, beatboxer and illustrator D-Cross. Rapacon Awards were given to Jeff Redd, Charles Hamilton, The Collins Brothers, DST and Jackie Rowe Adams. There were also awards given out from the Mount Vernon City Council to The Collins Brothers, GrandMixer DXT, Jackie Rowe Adams, Jeff Redd, GrandWizard Theodore and Charles Hamilton.

There were so many more things we enjoyed Rapacon Mount Vernon but most of all the great vibes, camaraderie and true love for HipHop!!

Mount Vernon opened its arms to Team Rapacon and we hugged it right back. Thank you to all the talented Dj’s & MC’S that made the day special. Councilman Andre Wallace you believed the dream and helped being it to life. Stay tuned as we enjoy that Hip Hop Love and choose another town to hit. In closing, Rock You Dont, Keep On, You Don’t Stop! ~Curtis Sherrod Founder Of Rapacon/DJ-Con

Below is a photo gallery of some of the good time had at Rapacon see you at the next one!

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