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Tracy Tubera: Jordan Sith Infrareds Resin Figure

In case you didn’t know, the preferred sneaker for the Sith Lords are the new signature “Jordan Sith Infrareds”!! 😉 This dope figure was released just in time for all the ROGUE ONE craziness and of course Christmas. This image shows the FINAL PAINTED version by Tracy Tubera in collaboration with Mana Studios. The resin figure Stands at 7″ tall and features a MATTE BLACK finish with hits of gloss black on his helmet for that extra detail. The Jordan Sith Infrareds also features gloves, the light saber hilt and light saber which is casted in translucent red! Last but not least are the Jordan kicks which are painted in the same colorway as the classic kicks. Each piece is hand cast, hand pulled, and hand painted.
We love a good sneaker culture and toy culture mash up!
You can pre order the Jordan Sith Infrareds HERE

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