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VIDEO: Digmi Nation At Agenda NYC (2017)

Crazy Al Cayne caught up with Ray Digmi, the master mind behind Digmi Nation at Agenda Show NYC. A lot of great things have been going on for the Digmi brand since the last time Crazy Al interviewed Ray. In this video Ray gives Crazy Al a tour of his booth. They checked out the new line of Digmi hats, socks, t-shirts and upcoming fleece. Ray also introduced Crazy Al to all the members of his crew!

It’s always great vibes when we link up with Ray, BIG UP to the Digmi Nation!!

Digmi Nation Philosophy:
“It started out as a description of style. It has evolved into a philosophy. An idea that each one of us can become whomever we choose to be, go wherever we choose to go, and live our lives with passion. Regardless of color, gender, age, or spiritual relationship. It has become an opportunity for us to show that individuality is worth more than fitting in.”
—Ray Digmi, DIGMI Founder/Creative Director

Find out more at Digmination

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