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Neumatik Works – Black Road- Bicycle Tire Bracelet

We came across this cool bicycle inspired bracelet called “Black Road” by Neumatik! The bracelet is made out of a Italian Road cycling tire. It features light tread patterns in side strips and a central band in black matte. Each bracelet is hand-cut in order to respect the original design and sewn with a waxed colored thread. Soft Spanish leather treated with 100% natural vegetable dye is used in the inner strap. The buckle is hypoallergenic and is said to be adaptable to nearly all wrists sizes (16-22 cm in diameter).

We’re loving these bracelets, now they just need to makes some with the classic BMX tread designs. That would be awesome!!
neumatik tire bracelets
About Neumatik Works
“Neumatik was born out of our love for two things we feel passionate about: recycling classic bicycles and jewelry design. We strive to carefully select and give a second life to bicycle tires whose beauty is often overlooked yet represent true pieces of art.”

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