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VIDEO: The Black Opera: “Beautiful City” (@TheBlackOpera)

We love this song and video of The Black Opera’s single “Beautiful City”. Black Opera pens a portrait of his childhood where his mother shielded him from the ills of his neighborhood by finding/imagining the beauty in it. This song is so well written it could be in a book as a poetic story. Really good stuff! Accompanying these great lyrics is a smooth track produced by Magestik Legend and Jamall Bufford. The slightly off key piano tune keys played by Asante fit the vibe of what Black Opera is talking about perfectly. Josef Deas adds some extra spice to the beat when it comes in with his bass and guitar notes. THIS IS HIPHOP!!!

“Beautiful City” is featured on The Black Opera’s new album “AFRICAN AMERICA”
Video Directed + Edited by KEEMO.

About “Beautiful City”
“The video demonstration for ‘Beautiful City’ is a depiction of city pride, finding beauty in the smallest details, and what gentrification can do to a city… it’s more about the people you love in whatever city you call home. That’s the true beauty of a city.” – Magestik Legend (of The Black Opera)

“Gunshots, broken glass, My City’s Beautiful.
Dirty streets, full of trash, My City’s Beautiful.
Dope dealers, tainted water, My City’s Beautiful.
Prostitutes, on the corner, this sh** is Beautiful
Corrupt cops, shady mayor, My City’s Beautiful.
So much pollution, in the air, My City’s Beautiful.
Bad schools, worse judges, My City’s Beautiful.”

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